Tuesday, January 22, 2008


This just in: Your momma has been truncated. Say Hi to her anyway.

This is probably a dumb post to return on, but it's on my mind. And now it's on my blog.

One of my all time favorite songs: "Let's Talk About Spaceships" was from a band called Say Hi To Your Mom. It's a brilliant track reflecting on the emotionally-angsty endgame of a relationship. I love the song. It makes me smirk and feel teary all at the same time.

A few days ago, I heard a song on the local campus radio station, and the student DJ introduced the song as being from Say Hi. It's not uncommon for the DJs at this station to cut off words in titles and band names. I constantly heard the Modest Mouse album referred to as "Good News for People Who Love Bad," but I couldn't imagine that the most joyously quirky part of the band's name would just suddenly disappear.

Well, whilst listening to yesterday's KEXP Song of the Day Podcast, I looked down at my iPod screen, and dang if the song "Northwestern Girls" wasn't listed as being by Say Hi.

Sorry to all your moms out there. There will now be a dearth of "hi" saying going on in their vicinity. Be aware of this lacking in their lives, and make sure your dads are aware, in case the lack of being greeted leads our mothers to get a tad depressed.

Or, if you like, pass along your mom's name, and I'll be glad to say "hi" to her here, just to keep the love alive.

Uh, I guess that's it for now. Follow the link from the post title to go see the CMJ article on what prompted the truncation. It makes sense, and the new songs do sound different, so I guess we'll let the guy have his artistic license. Even at the expense of Mom.

Saturday, August 04, 2007


AC1: August 4, 2007: Oregon Girl - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Assailable Cool recommends this song!

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Friday, August 03, 2007


AC1: August 3, 2007: Jim Noir - Key of C

Thursday, August 02, 2007


AC1: August 2, 2007: Fountains of Wayne - Someone to Love

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


AC1: August 1, 2007: The Cribs - Men's Needs

I know I promised make-up AC1s this week, but I had to get this one out before the blog-o-sphere completely leaves me behind. I realize everyone else has gotten here first, but I wanted to at least stand near the fray and say "hey!"

This song is the lead from a thematic album apparently all about...uh...needs. This one, appropriately, muses on Men's Needs. And though they could have gone blue, it's pretty straight up (as long as you're not watching the video...). The lyrics actually express that odd feeling of knowing what you're supposed to feel as a man, even though oftentimes, you just don't really feel it. The song is extremely solid, and rhythmically and thematically moves very pleasingly from front to back. The vocals are talked out and shouted out with a mild lisp. Though it could get grating, it somehow lends the song a piquant punk touch. The tune/vocal combination kind of hails from the Say Anything schoolbook, with a touch more 80's throwback (probably courtesy of producer Alex Kopranos of Franz Ferdinand).

I give it much props, as well as today's status of AC1...

All Assail.

Note: Some of my links to the songs are on IMEEM. It's a pretty good service. Sign up with your junk email account and get listening. Why not, I say?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


AC1: July 31, 2007: The Format - The Compromise

The name of their album is: Dog Problems.
Can you beat that? It's evocative and playful. I like that. And evocative and playful does a nice job of describing this tune.


Check out the video here:

Monday, July 30, 2007


AC1: July 30, 2007: Pigeon John - Money Back Gaurantee

Ooooooh, man. Maybe this should have hit the "Rockin' Tha Rap" post from a few days ago, but I dunno, I think it's good enough to stand on its own.

Pigeon John is another rapper that doesn't take himself to seriously, but that doesn't mean he can't wind his way around a mic. In this song, he seems to have so much fun. And c'mon, ladies, wouldn't you like this guy hitting on you? Funny, sincere, and he seems to be able to rhyme anything! (Okay, that last part might grow old after a while...)

My fave part of this? Black Francis is in it! Yes, Mr. Thompson, a.k.a. Frank Black, is caught singing in a sample, because this song ably tackles the Pixies "Hey!" to find its backbone. How cool is that? It's indie hip-hop cribbin' from indie rock. It's synergy baby!

Again, click the heading of the post for a taste of this fab song.

Again again, this week's AC1s are goin' back to the end of 2006, to try and fill in some gaps, so enjoy!


All Assail!